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Clear Casting

Small Resin Castings up to 50g

Resin EM400PA, known as our 'Shallowcast Resin' is ideal for small clear water-white castings, between 10-50g in weight.
This polyester resin is pre-activated and will cure by the addition of 2% of Liquid Catalyst for castings up to 25g and 1% addition for castings between 25-50g. The setting time for this product is about 25 minutes. Suitable items for embedding are shells, stones, sequins, dried flowers and coloured glass. The resin can be tinted using Translucent Colour Paste and the top surface will always dry tack free.
Pack Code Ex VAT Inc VAT
500g 1010003 11.00 13.20
1kg 1010010 16.03 19.23
2.5kg 1010027 32.63 39.15
5kg 1010034 49.37 59.24
4 x 5kg 1010041 152.05 182.46
Resin EM400PA

Larger Castings from 50g to 500g

Resin EM310PA is our clear polyester casting resin for larger castings from 50g to 500g.
Trylon clear casting resin can be used to produce attractive paperweights, decorative blocks, or for the embedding of medical or biological specimens. The resin is pre-activated and requires the addition of 1-2% of Liquid Catalyst, when setting time will be approximately one hour. Suitable items for embedding are shells, stones, dried flowers and coins.
Pack Code Ex VAT Inc VAT
500g 1010058 11.55 13.86
1kg 1010065 16.15 19.38
2.5kg 1010072 34.10 40.92
5kg 1010089 50.02 60.02
4 x 5kg 1010096 155.93 187.11
Resin EM310PA
Resin CK427PA is an acrylic modified polyester resin, ideally suited to produce clear castings in flexible moulds and with improved weather resistance compared with standard polyester resins.
Pack Code Ex VAT Inc VAT
500g 1010102 11.00 13.20
1kg 1010119 16.03 19.23
2.5kg 1010126 32.63 39.15
5kg 1010133 49.37 59.24
4 x 5kg 1010140 152.05 182.46

Liquid Catalyst Hardener

Trylon Liquid Catalyst is essential for curing our polyester casting resins.
The catalyst is added at an addition of the 1-2% by weight of resin. The 20, 50 and 100ml packs have droppers to aid accurate addition.
Pack Code Ex VAT Inc VAT
10ml for

500g Resin
1010153 £2.37 £2.84
20ml for

1kg Resin
1010157 £2.75 £3.30
50ml for


1010164 £3.52 £4.22
100ml for

5kg Resin
1010171 £5.50 £6.60
4 x 100ml

for 20kg

1010188 £11.00 £13.20
Trylon Liquid Catalyst
Crystal Resin. A two component epoxy resin from Pebeo. Designed for moulding, casting, encapsulation and as an imitation of glass paste. Easy to use, with little smell and good transparency.
Pack Code Ex VAT Inc VAT
300ml 1010195 £14.96 £17.95
750ml 1010201 £29.69 £35.63
Crystal Resin
Crystal Sheen - A clear high gloss two pack epoxy coating. Gives a superb finish on wood, jewellery, dried flowers, or with colour pastes for colr enamels. A versatile product that can also be used for glazing photos, decoupage work and glass restoration.
Pack Code Ex VAT Inc VAT
250ml 1012946 £11.61 £13.93
500ml 1012953 £18.14 £21.77
4 litre 1012960 91.84 £110.21
Crystal Sheen